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Finding Job Opportunities In South Africa, Difficult But Not Impossible.

As the world changes, job opportunities in South Africa are becoming scarce and more skilled professionals find themselves unemployed. This trend has resulted in increasedcompetition for available job opportunities.The truth is, this is no longer an employee’s market and despite technology making it easier to promote yourself as a Job Seeker it is becoming harder to stand out in the crowd. So the question is, “how do you distinguish yourself in a crowded market place with limited jobs opportunities”?

You can start by focusing your search and forgettingabout spray and pray methods of finding job opportunities in South Africa. People have a tendency to apply for every job opportunity they find remotely interesting in the paper and online or load their generic CV on as many job websites as they can find. Choosing to work with a select few staffing solutions is a better method of finding an employment opportunity in an environment where employers have the pick. Posting your resume everywhere makes you indistinguishable from people with the same skills, making it possible for hiring companies to drive down your salary.

If you want to land the perfect job opportunity you need a plan. You need to know what jobs opportunities you are interested in and a plan to get it. Taking time to assess the situation and develop a strategy to achieve your goals is a mentality of a long-term, solution-orientated leader. Locating job opportunities in South Africa, identifying specific career goals and developing a plan to lead an effective job search demonstrates clarity of thought and action, and the ability to manage projects.

Focus on growth industries and specialisations in business environments you enjoy. Choosing an industry or sector that is growing or predicted to grow increases your chances of finding new job opportunities in South Africa and also reduces the chance of you getting retrenched. Ideally you want to focus on two or three industries along with regions where you would like to live. Small and medium size enterprises, non-profit organisations and the public sector tend to produce more job opportunities than larger corporates or JSE listed companies because they may still experience growth. Make a list of the top ten companies in each sector in your selected areas that match your ideal working environment and focus on a shortlist of prospective employers rather than every job opportunity you see.

Try to be perfect, recruiters are instructed to find the perfect candidate for the job opportunity. has helped candidates looking for job opportunities in South Africa by developing revolutionary Match + Rank® Technology. Join the “Revolution in Recruitment” and let this innovative algorithm match your skills, education and knowledge to the ideal job opportunity and rank your profile according to job specifications. Then it is up to you to demonstrate that you are confident and genuinely passionate about the job, company and industry.

Be flexible because a willingness to accommodatethe needs of potential employers will impress those in a position to fill job opportunities. Finally some experts recommend continuing your job search during the first 90 days since that is the standard trial period when filling job opportunities in South Africa. To find the best job opportunities in South Africa you need to focus on growth industries where your skills are suited and where your ability can provide immediate impact for the bottom line of prospective employers.

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